Sunday Morning

(What to expect)

We meet at 634 W. Wall Street Springfield, MO 65806 at 10:30 AM


We brew coffee every week just for you! We use real mugs to cut down on waste and take good care of the earth. Grab a cup and learn somebody’s name. We can’t wait to meet you!


Church starts officially at 10:30 AM. We really love to experience God’s presence, and we find this happens powerfully when we sing songs of praise directly to God. We usually sing for about 30 minutes straight. You’re welcome to join in with your hands in the air or in your pockets, sitting or standing, whatever’s comfortable for you.

Interactive Teaching From the Bible

Josh Goeke our pastor or another man or woman on our preaching team will preparedly help illuminate a passage of Scripture for us, and then we’ll talk about it in small discussion groups. (Don’t worry introverts, you’re welcome to pass on questions and just listen to other people’s thoughts.) Science and experience have proven that talking about things helps us internalize them, and also creates the opportunity for real support as we pursue God together.

Prayer Ministry

After about two rounds of teaching & discussion, if you’d like to receive prayer, the people in your discussion group are excited to pray with and for you. Too intense? Don’t worry, you’re welcome to just observe. But you should know, this is a time when God will often heal physical, emotional, or spiritual brokenness that we all deal with.

Got kids? So do we!

Our youngest members are always welcome in our services, but we also offer some special areas just for children.

  • Our Mom’s Room: for our tiniest children a “Mom’s Room” is available throughout the service just off our sanctuary. Moms can let their infants play or sleep as they sit in a rocker and watch the service on TV.
  • Our Nursery: for children infant through age 2. We have a paid staff person who cares for kids in our nursery. They’ll have lots of age-appropriate fun as parents enjoy the service.
  • Our Preschool Class: for children from 2 to 6 meets upstairs. Each class period includes a Bible lesson and a snack.
  • Our Elementary Kids Program: for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Each class period includes Bible lessons, crafts, snacks, and games.